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Getting Smart About SIP Trunking

Here are five questions your customers need to answer before implementing SIP trunking: What are your capacity requirements (simultaneous calls)? Knowing this is an important factor in determining IP or broadband requirements and TCO. Will your current connectivity suffice, or do you need more? Following up on question 1, how much bandwidth do they currently use? It’s common to prioritize…
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Hosted VoIP Fuels Mobility That Helps SMBs Grow

Small and medium-sized companies make up an overwhelming percentage of the businesses in the United States; taken together, they are a force to be reckoned with. However, as solo entities, they are on a million little islands, battling on many fronts in order to thrive. Almost universally, they spend their days seeking any kind of…
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Helping Customers Develop Unified Communications Strategy

As an Interconnect or Managed Service Provider, you’re out there selling Unified Communications to your customers. It’s likely that they are able to quickly grasp the concept and envision how it can make a positive impact on their business. However, moving to Unified Communications seems like a really big deal – a disruption that could…
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Helping Your Customers Create a BYOD Policy

Small and medium-sized businesses – i.e., your customers – have largely embraced the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). They love the upside of having their team connected 24/7, the agility it brings to their business and the flexibility it gives their employees. However, they also know that with those rewards come some risks.…
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