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Wix Reviewed

Wix as reviewed by a web developer A lot of people have been talking about Wix lately. You've seen the commercials for it, and you know that you can get an absolutely stunning website through its online builder. You're aware of the free portions of this service, and you know that your business needs a…
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Using the HTML5

Using the new audio and video elements to enhance your web page Getting audio and video onto your web page in past years required a great deal of work. In order to get complete control over your audio or video and its appearance on the web page, you also required at least some knowledge of…
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Creating A Responsive Menu

This is a followup to last week's tutorial about creating a responsive theme. If you missed that tutorial, you can find it here. Responsive websites are made to be viewed on any tablet or phone and easily accessible on any device. Whether you think you need it or not, this means that you're going to have…
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Let’s build a responsive website design

Smart phones are no longer a growing commodity that you need to plan ahead for, they are in every user's hands. Phones and tablets are many consumer's go-to device for checking out a link on the fly. Your website will be viewed in both a phone's browser, a tablet's browser, and a desktop browser, and…
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