4 Things Customers Consider When Choosing a SIP Provider

Business growth and client retention rely on a company's ability to cater to the needs and desires of their targeted clientele base. There are several core qualities that end users seek when choosing a SIP provider. In order to enhance customer satisfaction and thrive as a company, it's essential to integrate these desired practices and services into your business model. Software Advice conducted an in-depth survey, which outlines the primary objectives of end users.

1. Security: Security is one of the primary factors that client's consider when choosing a SIP provider. Nearly 23 percent of the respondents polled stated that security was their top concern. Your customers rely on their telecommunications network at every level of business, and they need a service provider that offers maximum security so that their sensitive information remains confidential and secure. The primary security features they desire are transport-layer security (TLS), which provides privacy and secures their confidential information, and secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP), which minimizes denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

End users need to know that their most sensitive
information will always remain secure.

  1. Support:With 22 percent stating that support was their number one priority, this is a vital quality to possess as a service provider. Your clients need a company that is reliable, readily available, and always eager to address their concerns. Given a large part of business is dependent on phone usage, unreliable service providers pose a significant risk to the profits and success of the end user. They need a telecommunications network that scarcely experiences service outages and has representatives available 24/7 to correct problems as they occur.
  2. Pricing:Unsurprisingly, associated costs are a primary factor that end users consider when choosing a SIP provider. In order to keep overhead costs low, business owners seek the highest quality service for the lowest price available. To remain ahead of your competition, it's imperative to offer competitive pricing to your customers. Clients prefer user-based pricing models where they pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for unlimited calling. User-based pricing provides more consistency in pricing than port-based pricing models, and the payment process is simplified.
  3. Audio Quality:Customers strongly desire superior audio quality. The ease-of-use of their phone system as well as overall customer satisfaction, depends largely on the audio quality of the phone service. At present, around 96 percent of end users report being satisfied on some level with their audio quality, while 73 percent report being very satisfied. SIP trunking has greatly enhanced audio quality among service providers, which is evident in the widespread satisfaction of end users.

Your client needs a phone service with optimal
audio quality and minimal risk of outages.

SIP trunking has revolutionized the world of telecommunications. In the days of standard VoIP technology, issues of audio quality and outages were common. With SIP trunking, audio quality has been considerably enhanced and outages are infrequent, which has led to increased customer satisfaction.

In order to remain ahead of the competition, continuing to cater to client demands is imperative. By providing extra security features, loyal support networks, competitive pricing, and superior audio quality, you can greatly enhance your client retention and continue to grow as a company.