5 Reasons to Switch to Hosted VoIP Now

Cloud-hosted VoIP has the potential to transform the way that businesses utilize their telecommunications platform. In a survey conducted by Software Advice, none of those surveyed were interested in on-premise PBX, whereas a majority desired a hosted solution. It's no wonder why so many new businesses are seeking cloud-hosted PBX as opposed to on-premise telephony. Cloud-hosted VoIP offers businesses a way to improve efficiency while decreasing costs, which is every smart business owner's dream. Yet, despite the clear benefits, some business owners are still hesitant to make the switch. Here are the top ways that businesses benefit from cloud-based telecom.


Ditch the complicated hardware and experience the ease and efficiency of the cloud.

  1. Cost-effective solution:On-premise PBX is incredibly expensive to install and maintain. It requires extensive hardware to operate, and installing new lines is costly and time-consuming. With cloud-hosted PBX, the entire phone system is managed online, so phone lines can easily be added or subtracted as needed, eliminating installation costs entirely. Also, upfront investment costs are hugely mitigated because there is no elaborate hardware needed for operation.
  2. Complete flexibility:With cloud-hosted VoIP, companies can utilize all of the benefits of their telephone network no matter where they are in the world. The network is accessible from any device, enabling multi-tasking businessmen to connect to their company's phone network from their cellphone or tablet. Additionally, adding lines for remote workers is simple, as lines can be connected directly to their cellphone or home phone.
  3. Easy scalability:Scaling traditional phone networks is challenging and expensive, often inhibiting a company's ability to expand their operation efficiently. Cloud-hosted PBX eliminates that hassle by providing unlimited scaling potential at the touch of a button. SIP trunking has never been easier because adding additional trunks can be done within minutes from your web browser. This not only greatly improves the efficiency of scaling, but it decreases the costs, so you can get up and running faster.
  4. Reduced staffing needs:Cloud-hosted VoIP contains numerous built-in features that improve workplace collaboration and simplify communications. With features like Find Me/Follow Me and virtual auto attendant, employees can significantly reduce the number of missed calls. This reduces the need for a large customer service department, as improved collaboration enables fewer employees to accomplish more work. Furthermore, since the network is hosted by a third-party, businesses can reduce the need for on-site IT technicians.


With enhanced collaboration, employees can work smarter and faster.

  1. Secure and reliable:One of the main concerns many business owners have is that the cloud isn't as secure as on-premise telephony. Since hosted VoIP is operated through the Internet, this does make it vulnerable to hackers. However, cloud-hosted PBX utilizes advanced call encryption, making it much more difficult for hackers to access the network. Also, as opposed to on-premise telephone networks, hosted PBX is closely monitored, and the system is triggered whenever usage rate anomalies are detected. This allows the user to be immediately informed of any irregularities, so they can combat the issue right away. Moreover, cloud-based telecommunications is exempt from the same vulnerabilities that on-premise telephony possesses. In the event of disaster, on-premise telecom is highly susceptible to physical damage, whereas cloud-based telecom networks can continue to operate regardless of circumstances.

With cloud-hosted VoIP, businesses have the opportunity to experience global connection, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency, all while decreasing associated costs. As more businesses turn toward globalization and expansion, having a phone network that offers global usage and flexible scaling is essential. Hosted VoIP provides rapidly expanding businesses with the clear solutions they need to scale quickly and effectively.