Look around. Everyone has a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. Or all three.

The ubiquity of mobile computing and communications is only growing; estimates are that 80 percent of Internet access will be mobile by 2015. And this phenomenon is not restricted to personal use; businesses – your customers – are embracing mobile technology and a BYOD mindset that is both an opportunity and a threat to your business.

We’ve talked about fixed mobile convergence forever, but now we are finally nearing its reality. The walls between fixed and mobile networks are coming down and it’s becoming possible to create a seamless experience between the office and the worker on the move.  This emerging reality is an opportunity to deliver Unified Communications to customers, bringing together all communications platforms and applications to optimize business communications.

In order to put your clients and their workforce on mobile devices that connect to the corporate PBX, there are four main areas you need to address:

  • Financial – the CFO or controller will want to know how a mobile strategy impacts both costs and risk. Done right, it will have a positive impact on both. And deployment should not be a major capital cost, especially if they embrace the BYOD approach.
  • Operational – True mobility should increase operational efficiency. You need to demonstrate that you can put them on a platform that will be enable seamless communications through your corporate platform.
  • Technical – Your customers’ IT needs are all over the place, and include your juggling many platforms and mobile devices. You’ll want a system that is easy to configure and manage…remotely.
  • Worker Usability – the goal of going mobile is to increase staff efficiency. The best mobile policies enable workers to use the device of their choice wherever they want while maintaining costs, reliability, and security.

Having ubiquitous access to voice and data applications that is integrated to improve communications and business efficiency and effectiveness holds great promise for companies. Your opportunity as a trusted adviser is to guide them to a solution that works for both your customer and their employees, while delivering Unified Communications results in an efficient and effective manner.

The threat to your business rears its head if you do not take the lead on talking to your customers about mobility. Because if you don’t, someone else will.

Being a mobile enterprise is the future for most companies. Helping your customers get there is smart business for you.