Do you know how your email works? Actually how it works-works? If you’re like most people, you log in to your inbox, and you find all of your emails there. It’s a straightforward process: You log in, and there it is.

In the words of Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We just log in. Magic.

Our technology has become so pervasive, and so functional, that we take it for granted. Because our technology works, we forget about it. We don’t have to know how emails are sent, received, stored, or accessed. It’s remarkably convenient.

Until we hit a snag. Then technology can become very stressful, time consuming, and confusing. Think about a time when you couldn’t print a document. When you couldn’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. When you had problems accessing a shared drive. When a reboot didn’t fix an issue.

For small businesses, these snags equate to time and money. Every minute you spend diagnosing a printer error is a minute you can’t spend on growing your business. Luckily, there are better options.

About Managed Services

At the onset of any business, hiring a full-time professional for tech help isn’t always a possibility. Budgets are stretched thin, and money is typically allocated to customer-facing roles. So employees are forced to fill multiple roles. For example, your head of sales might spend free time running Ethernet cables through the drywall in your office.

Enter managed services.

In essence, IT consulting companies that provide managed services offer tech help à la carte. Customers can look at a menu of tech consulting options and pick what suits their business best. Does your company need Apple help? Do you need help with Outlook? Do you need general IT support? Do you need an on-demand tech help desk?

At CEQUIX, we offer a variety of managed services to support businesses with their tech needs. We’ll assess your business and customize your IT support. We also have three packaged offerings, which bundle tech support options for simplicity.

At its best, technology might be indistinguishable from magic. But the fact is, like with any magic trick, it takes a lot of practice, skill, and sleight of hand to bring magic to life.

You might not know how email works, but we do. Let us put our magic to work for you.