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The Difference Between VoIP and SIP Trunking Explained

When shopping for IP telephony services, it is incredibly easy to get confused. Acronyms like VoIP, SIP, and others get tossed around, and it can be difficult for the non-techie to determine exactly what they need. Here is your guide to understanding when you need only VoIP Services, when to invest in SIP trunking, and…
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How Does SIP Trunking Save Money?

More and more businesses are making the switch to SIP trunking as a way to optimize efficiency and save their business money. SIP trunking provides a number of key benefits to end-users, including the ability to reduce overhead costs, simplify scaling, and reduce labor and maintenance expenses. Here are just a few ways that SIP trunking can…
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Getting Smart About SIP Trunking

Here are five questions your customers need to answer before implementing SIP trunking: What are your capacity requirements (simultaneous calls)? Knowing this is an important factor in determining IP or broadband requirements and TCO. Will your current connectivity suffice, or do you need more? Following up on question 1, how much bandwidth do they currently use? It’s common to prioritize…
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